The Difference Between Actors and Movie Stars

The Difference Between Actors and Movie Stars

Unlike the general opinion about both, there are difference between an actor and a movie star. This article discusses this difference.

The other day, I was wondering about the lives of these actors and movie stars. Yes, its got all the glitz and glamour but nobody thinks that their life can be really hard at times. Their job demands them to work really really hard and go through a lot of pain.

Imagine, you act for a movie for which you were told to lose half your weight in a month, visited studios and worked for over 10 hours straight for more than 3 months, travelled extensively and in the end talk endlessly into a microphone for the dubbing for another 4-5 days or so. And then, go to countless places for the promotion of the movie.

And the next thing you know, you sign up for another movie where they tell you to gain double your weight in less than a month, stop shaving and all that blah blah.

Living an actor’s life is no joke nor is it a bed of roses. There is so much hard work and so much pressure. There is pressure from your family, your managers, your fans and from you yourself.

Of course, they are compensated and well taken care of by the production house. But the point here is how much they sweat for their money. Well, they do get bonuses in the form of a lifestyle of glamour, a sea of fans, fame and what not.

There is a little difference between an actor and a movie star.

An actor acts for the love of acting. A movie star acts for other reasons (fame, money, chicks/hunks). Both actors and movie stars have their fans, a lot of them, but movie stars generally do have a lot more than actors. Actors think of acting as an art, for movie stars, its their profession.

Who is more satisfied with their lives here? I can’t quite say. Monetarily, of course, movie stars are a lot more satisfied. But then, money isn’t everything.

The thing about movie stars is that people love them not for their acting, but for their good looks. They might be really good looking people and people love them for that. Because here, their looks make up their character. They are defined by the looks. Is it any surprise that most superstars do part-time modeling?

But in the case of actors, people love them for their acting. Their acting is their work, that is their achievement and that is their life. Even though there are fewer people who love actors, it is more satisfying. People love them for who they are, not how they look. You can never gather so much respect with good looks alone. And it is more satisfying for an actor because, even though there are lesser people who love them, their love is more genuine, it has a longer shelf life.

As a movie star ages and loses his/her looks, the number of fans also reduces. This shows that a movie star’s shelf life isn’t much.

However old an actor will get, he won’t lose that respect for his acting. This is precisely what I mean by genuine.

Let us take examples from Bollywood. Bipasha Basu looks beautiful and she has thousands of fans. But her performance as an actor is not that great. In fact, its awful. People just love her looks, not her or what she is. When she ages and loses her beauty and charm, so will she lose her fans and we will see the fall of a movie star.

But what about people like Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher or Boman Irani? They have been acting for quite sometime. They also have a lot of fans. But their fans will love them as long as they act, not as long as they age. These three men themselves are quite aged. But people do love them, and their fan base goes on increasing as they age. And people love them for what they are: Professional actors.

This is the difference between an actor and a movie star.

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